Can you imagine doing that?! Remember the song; making love out of nothing at all? You’d have to be experienced in matters of love to remember that song. Unsentimental folks have an issue with such lyrics. What a waste of air supply. Give them anarchy or something more repressive any day. It’s a way to forget the times and troubles that we’re living in.

If you believe in love, maybe you get that feeling too. There’s just not enough in the world today. Oh, that’s another song. That’s for the old (and young) folks who are into love. If you’re desperate for love at this point in time maybe it’s time for a real love psychic. You know the old saying; am I psychic or what, how am I supposed to read your mind. That’s how a lot of folks fall out of love these days. It’s just so frustrating and, really folks, just so unnecessary.

The world could really do with more love, you know.

But if you find that you’re all alone in the world and have no-one who cares to turn to, maybe it really is time to give a psychic medium a try. It’s just not love that people are so desperate about these days, there’s still the money matters that’s always on everyone’s mind. Maybe that’s another reason why love seems to dissipate as time goes by – oh boy, yet another song. A lot of couple fights are over petty matters and money matters.

Break-ups happen that way too. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, that’s what a financial analyst will be telling you. So don’t expect the psychic to do all the hand-holding for you. You still need to go out of your way for love.